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Construction and Soil Management Plans


The appropriate management of contaminated soil is an important element during construction works, as well as for the ongoing operation of sites where contaminated soils exist.

In the context of construction works, the development and implementation of a Construction Soil Management Plan can assist with the establishment of appropriate processes and control measures to ensure that contaminated soils are managed safely and in accordance with the applicable environmental legislation.  They can also assist in minimising potential disruptions associated with contaminated soils that may arise during the course of a construction project by establishing procedures to manage both known and previously unidentified contamination.

Soil Management Plans can also be used in relation to the ongoing use of a site where soil contamination may exist that requires ongoing management.  The Soil Management Plan would typically include details of the control measures that have been, or need to be established to minimise the potential exposure of site users, maintenance workers or other parties that may be present at a particular site.

The Prensa team of consultants is well versed in the development of Construction Soil Management Plans, as well as Soil Management Plans for the ongoing use of sites and can provide tailored, site specific plans that satisfy client requirements.