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Contamination Assessments and Remediation


Contamination assessments focus on the completion of intrusive sampling of soil, groundwater and/or soil vapour to determine whether contamination exists at a property that could impact upon its current or future use.  These assessments are routinely completed as part of the property development process (commercial and industrial developments) to assess whether the environmental condition of a site could represent a potential health risk to construction workers or future site users.

The completion of contamination assessments prior to the commencement of development works helps to streamline the development process, as appropriate control measures can be implemented prior to construction works commencing to minimise disruptions and delays.

A key outcome of contamination assessments may be the requirement for remediation works to occur to mitigate potential risks to human health and the environment associated with soil and/or groundwater contamination identified at a site.  Prensa staff have extensive experience in the completion of soil and groundwater remediation works to mitigate the risks associated with contamination utilising a range of technologies, including:

  • Enhanced bioremediation
  • Thermal desorption
  • Soil vapour extraction
  • Soil stabilisation of leachable contaminants
  • Multi-phase vacuum extraction
  • In-situ chemical oxidation
  • Permeable reactive barriers, and
  • Monitored natural attenuation