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Environmental Site Assessments for Statutory Purposes (Environmental Audit)


Where a site is to be redeveloped for a more sensitive land use (ie. commercial to residential), the planning legislation in most states requires that an environmental audit be undertaken to confirm that the site is suitable for its intended use.

As part of the environmental audit process, there is a requirement for a detailed environmental site assessment to be undertaken by a suitably qualified and experienced environmental consultant.  The purpose of the detailed assessment is to provide sufficient information regarding the environmental condition of the site to enable the environmental auditor to complete their environmental audit.  In many cases it is also necessary to undertake remediation and subsequently validation works at the site to ensure that it is suitable for its intended use.  At the completion of these works, the environmental auditor will conclude (with either a Certificate or Statement of Environmental Audit) whether the site being assessed is suitable for its intended use.

The Prensa team of consultants has had extensive experience in the completion of detailed environmental site assessments as part of environmental audit and has worked with several environmental auditors.  These detailed assessments are undertaken in accordance with the process described in the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure, as well as Australian Standards and the applicable state environmental legislative requirements and guidelines.