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Environmental Auditing



A Statutory Environmental Audit (Audit) is typically triggered by the development or redevelopment of contaminated or potentially contaminated sites.  Rezoning and planning permit applications or an Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO) can result in a request from the Planning Authority for a Section 53X Audit, which realises in the issuance of a Statement or Certificate of Environmental Audit.  Audits undertaken pursuant to Section 53X of the Victorian Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act) are conducted to determine site suitability for a proposed land use.

Audits undertaken pursuant to Section 53V of the Act are conducted to determine the risk of harm to a segment of the environment.  A Statutory Notice (i.e Clean Up Notice) issued by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA Victoria) can also stipulate a requirement to undertake a Section 53V Audit to assess the risk of harm to a segment of the environment.   

Audits are undertaken for a variety of purposes - companies or individuals may also choose to commission an Audit voluntarily for due diligence purposes or to facilitate a Contract of Sale or Lease Agreement (amongst other reasons).

Prensa employs the services of three (3) Victorian Environmental Auditors (Contaminated Land) who are experienced in a wide range of Audits for varying purposes, required to meet client needs and objectives (i.e. planning permit conditions, statutory notice requirements or due diligence purposes). 

Our Auditors can undertake the following tasks as part of their appointment:

  • Review of assessment consultant results and methodologies
  • Site inspection to identify potential sources of contamination and verify assessment consultant practises
  • Analysis and review of the adequacy of the dataset obtained during the assessment and compilation of an Environmental Audit report
  • Preparation of Certificates of Environmental Audit or conditional Statements of Environmental Audits
  • Liaison with Planning Authorities, EPA and Clients (as required)
  • Preparation of Clean Up To the Extent Practicable (CUTEP) Submissions to EPA
  • Preparation of compliance documentation to facilitate statement condition compliance, or
  • Peer review of third party reports or management plans


Western Australia

Similarly, contaminated sites audits may also be triggered in Western Australia by acts of law, including land development conditions whereby developers are obligated to undertake an environmental investigation to the satisfaction of the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER).

Prensa employs the services of one (1) Western Australian Contaminated Sites Auditor who can undertake the following tasks as part of their appointment:

  • An evaluation of the contamination status of a site and an assessment of whether a site poses or potentially poses a risk of harm to the environment or human health
  • Review as to whether the contaminated site investigation, assessment, remediation and management works undertaken at the site have been undertaken in accordance with relevant legislation and guidelines
  • An assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of any remedial or risk mitigation/ management measures employed at the site
  • An evaluation of the suitability of the site to be used for its current or proposed land uses and preparation of a Mandatory Audit Report (MAR) or Voluntary Audit Report (VAR), and
  • A recommendation of classification (or re-classification) for the site, and any recommended restrictions relating to the use of the site