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Underground Petroleum Storage System Management Plans


Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) are recognised as being one of the major sources of soil and groundwater contamination and are subject to increasing regulation by the State Authorities. Their propensity for contamination is important when conducting due diligence in property transactions, which, when not identified can realise a potential significant liability.  Due to this potential liability, lenders and property lawyers have developed an awareness of the potential risks associated with UPSS.

In Victoria, and more recently NSW (where it is specifically regulated), the relevant environmental authorities have released guidance documents outlining the requirements on how to appropriately manage UPSS while in use.  The authorities wish to see owners and operators of UPSS assume a more active role in reducing the potential for spills and leaks of petroleum based products.

Prensa’s personnel have developed UPSS management plans for a range of sites including service stations, commercial/retail centres, transport depots and industrial sites. We have also developed site specific management plans for sites as part of national property portfolios.  It is acknowledged that each state manages UPSS uniquely, and plans can be tailored to comply with specific state and site requirements in a cost effective manner.