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Underground Storage Tank Removal and Validation


Underground storage tanks (USTs) represent a significant source of potential soil and groundwater contamination at a site. USTs can also represent a considerable financial liability to a land owner or potential purchaser of a site and should be taken into account as part of a thorough due diligence.

When USTs are taken out of service, there are typically state based legislative requirements to ensure that they are appropriately decommissioned and removed from the site.  The exception being when the removal of a UST compromises the integrity of a nearby building or structure. In such instances in-situ decommissioning may be appropriate.

Where possible, disused USTs should be physically removed from the site, along with associated contaminated soil surrounding the tanks. A validation report is provided which outlines the infrastructure that has been removed and the condition of the remaining soils within the vicinity of the former USTs.

The Prensa team of consultants is experienced in the management of UST removal and validation sampling and can tailor an approach to satisfy clients’ needs and legislative requirements.