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Mark Walton - NSW State Manager


Leeds Metropolitan University - Higher National Certificate - Building Studies.

British Institute of Occupational Hygienist (UK)
P.406 Supervision and Management of the Safe Removal of Asbestos
P.405 Management of Asbestos in buildings
P.403 P.C.M. Asbestos fibre Counting
P.402 Asbestos Bulk Sampling & Surveying

NSW Bonded Asbestos Removal (Construction) Course

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Mark has professional qualifications in asbestos consultancy and building surveying from the United Kingdom.  Throughout his studies and relevant work experience, he has gained a broad understanding of both the theory and practical side of the asbestos industry.  Mark has had several years of relevant experience within the asbestos industry through a period of working for a government authority within the U.K. Mark has been responsible for the management and development of projects within large government stock. Due to the high risk nature of asbestos containing materials a good understanding of all relevant regulations and contactors guidelines has been essential to carry out the various tasks involved within asbestos industry. Such tasks have included:

·Training throughout the asbestos and surveying industries within the UK, helping introduce new legislation, training operatives, and providing industry specific, tailor-made training to clients,

·Preparation of remedial action plans for contaminated sites, emergency response plans, and project management of asbestos removal programs,

·Asbestos materials management- including supervision of asbestos materials removal in houses, office buildings and industrial plants, preparing management plans, safe work procedures and specifications for asbestos materials and hazardous materials, and

·Preparation of Asbestos Management Plans for Government, Industrial and Commercial organisations - in particular aiding the organisations in managing asbestos materials.