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Sally Bonham - Environmental Auditor


Bachelor of Science- University of Melbourne (1998)
Bachelor of Commerce- University of Melbourne (1998)

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Professional History:

Sally was appointed as an Environmental Auditor (Contaminated Land) during 2011 and is currently conducting several Section 53X Environmental Audits.

Sally has more than 15 years experience in the environmental consultancy industry.  Her work covers management and technical advisory roles for contaminated land auditing, inclusive of CUTEP submissions, compliance with clean-up notices, preparation of Section 53X and Section 53V environmental audit reports, statement condition compliance reviews, contaminated site assessments, due diligence audits, planning/legislative compliance, environmental management plans, asbestos risk auditing/assessment and monitoring. Sally has personally conducted and project directed soil classification assessments, preliminary site investigations, detailed site investigations, environmental site assessments for audits and conducted liaison, correspondence and reporting in an environmental audit capacity and environmental audits.

Sally has operated as Auditor Representative for accredited Victorian EPA Contaminated Land Auditors and accredited Western Australia DEC Contaminated Sites Auditors.  She is responsible for the project management of up to 35 sites at any one time, in conjunction with her other responsibilities.

She has extensive experience in soil sampling design and methodology, groundwater sampling design and methodology, contaminated hydrogeology, groundwater conceptualisation, assessment of related LNAPL and DNAPL plume behaviour.

Her assessment role includes mentoring of junior and senior-level staff and undertake high-level technical review of (and provide technical advice for) contaminated site assessments.