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Refurbishment and Demolition Assessments


Undertaking asbestos risk assessments (also referred to as asbestos audits) to identify asbestos which may be disturbed in a workplace during normal business activities is a mandatory requirement in each state and territory of Australia. Unfortunately these audits can be mistakenly used to assess the likelihood of asbestos disturbance during refurbishment or demolition of a building. 

Reliance on audits undertaken without the specific demolition or refurbishment in mind can often lead to inadvertent disturbance of asbestos materials which are concealed or which have not been accessed.  These disturbances can be costly and result in significant project delays.

Prior to demolition or refurbishment, there is a legislative requirement to undertake a risk assessment to determine the likelihood of disturbing asbestos.  This risk assessment will include a review of the existing asbestos audit reports (where they exist) but will also include some consideration of the impact of disturbing materials concealed in ceiling spaces, building voids, behind facades and other concealed areas. These areas and voids are often not accessed as part of non-demolition audits for a number of reasons.  The scope of the demolition or refurbishment works will determine the extent of the investigation for a demolition/refurbishment audit.

Prensa is able to undertake pre demolition risk assessments and advise on how materials that may be otherwise concealed within the building structure should be managed safely and cost effectively.

Prensa has developed training materials which can be delivered to project managers and construction managers on the legislative requirements of undertaking pre demolition risk assessments.  Prensa is also able to assist in the development of technical specifications and assist with the tendering of asbestos abatement works for clients.  Our wealth of experience will ensure clients avoid the traps of inadvertent disturbance of asbestos during building works.