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Warden Training and Scenario Exercises


It is recommended in AS3745-2010 that all Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) members, including deputies, shall attend a skills retention activity at intervals not greater than 6 months. Prensa can provide Chief Warden Training sessions to ensure staff are fully instructed in the use of a company's emergency warning system and checklists. We can also provide site visits to deal with specific responses to a range of emergencies that will ensure a warden team is able to cope with an emergency situation in accordance with AS3745-2010. 

Prensa can also provide more comprehensive services, such as desktop scenarios and response exercises. Such exercises provide opportunities for the warden team to practise the various procedures without involving the whole site. These scenarios can create a situation where the key personnel are required to role play their positions and display their knowledge in handling the simulated emergency. Using this method, various scenarios can be explored that would otherwise be complicated to re-enact in a practical exercise. A briefing session prior to the exercise and a debrief session at the conclusion would be conducted.