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Works Specification Preparation


The drafting of technical specifications for the removal of asbestos materials prior to building works is a specialised field.  Prensa consultants have over 20 years experience in working with builders, architects and project managers and is able to provide specialised assistance in developing technical specifications.

The development of project specifications includes making strategic decisions regarding whether the asbestos materials should be removed prior to handing over the building to a construction or demolition contractor.  These decisions will depend on the nature of the specific works and the extent of the asbestos contamination.

Once these decisions have been made, Prensa is able to advise on the most practical and cost effective methods of removing the asbestos materials.  Different methods will have different risks, timeframes and costs.  The asset owner needs to be informed on the costs and benefits of each of the proposed removal techniques.

Prensa is then able to draft the technical specification which clearly details the removal methods, different stages of removal, level of contamination control, clearance process and processes for dealing with unidentified materials.  A detailed technical specification enables tenderers to more easily cost the works and allows the tender assessment to more effectively compare tender submissions.  Clarity and certainty are important requirements when undertaking refurbishment or demolition works involving the potential disturbance of asbestos.