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Manual Handling


Manual handling is any activity that involves lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing, pulling, holding or restraining. It may also include stretching, bending, sustained and awkward postures, and repetitive movements. Manual handling is one hazard that arises in the majority of workplaces. It occurs in numerous activities and is identified as an issue across most industry sectors.

Under current legislation, it is a requirement that the employer must design work practices and the work environment to eliminate the risks associated with manual handling. However, if elimination is not practical the risk must be controlled and if necessary, the design of objects or the work environment modified, mechanical aids provided or workers trained in safe techniques and correct use of mechanical assistance.

Workers should always be consulted when managing manual handling risks together with the employer, by identifying the possible problems, assessing the risks (conducting risk assessments), eliminating the problem or providing mechanical assistance or lifting aids, training workers in safe practices on a regular basis and continually monitoring and reviewing the improvements that have been put in place.

Prensa has an experienced and qualified team of Occupational Health and Safety Consultants who are able to aid in the development of Manual Handling procedures or to review and provide advice and recommendations for existing procedures already implemented in your organisation.