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Mould Assessment


Mould is a microscopic organism that can be identified throughout all areas within the work place, in an indoor and outdoor environment. For mould to form in the workplace it requires a moisture-rich environment with an ideal temperature range. Mould can appear in the form of a “furry” type growth on an area within the building structure or outdoor environment and can cause discolouration in the form of green, black or white staining.

Mould is usually carried in the form of spores and can be carried by humans and animals resulting in mould forming in the indoor environment. Exposure to mould can be through either inhalation or ingestion and can lead to various types of health effects which can include, but are not limited to, infections, adverse reactions, irritation and toxic responses dependent on the duration and type of exposure.

Prensa has an experienced and qualified team of consultants who are members of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) who are able to undertake assessments for mould and provide tailored recommendations for individual sites and large portfolios.