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Plant Risk Assessment


Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires reasonable care to be undertaken to identify hazards arising from the transport, installation, erection, commissioning, use, repair, maintenance, dismantling, storage or disposal of plant onsite.

Employers, property owners and property managers have a responsibility to undertake risk assessments to identify hazards and eliminate hazards and risks to:

  • Any employee and/or
  • Any other person legally at the place of work


Part of minimising the risk or eliminating the hazard, is conducting risk assessments on items of plant located within your property.

By undertaking a plant risk assessment, risk ratings are given to plant items and recommendations are given to implement into the design and management of the each plant item.

By doing this the risk rating of the plant item can be lowered by:


Substituting the hazard giving rise to the risk with a hazard that gives rise to a lesser risk


Isolating the hazard from the person put at risk


Minimising the risk by engineering means


Minimising the risk by administrative means (for example, by adopting safe working practices or providing appropriate training, instruction or information) or


Using personal protective equipment

Often a combination of the above measures is required to be taken to minimise the risk to the lowest level reasonably practicable if no single measure is sufficient for that purpose.

Prensa have an experienced team of consultants that can undertake plant risk assessments and provide advice regarding the implementation of control measures to minimise or mitigate the identified risks.